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How do I know my purchase will be safe?

Your peace of mind is important to us. You have the option to take your art with you and display it in your home. For those who prefer not to do so, we offer the choice to leave the artworks with us or our trusted storage partners. These partners utilize humidity-controlled storage spaces and maintain insurance coverage against fire, theft, and accidental damage, ensuring the safety and protection of your valuable art pieces.

Can you buy my art?

Our curation team would love to hear from you, please email info(@)

How often are new pieces added?

Our curation team is always on the lookout for new artists to be add to our roster, this includes traveling and visiting art fairs/university/colleagues and provincial galleries.

Do I own the piece outright?

Yes, all our pieces are 100% owned by the purchaser.

Can I see the piece before I buy?

Of course, we would love to organise a private viewing at our London gallery.

Where do you sell the prints?

We sell the prints via multiple sites such as Artsy, ArtPal, Saatchi art and social media

How many prints do you sell?

On average we are selling 1 print per month per original, this fluctuates based on seasons.

How quickly can I exit a piece.

We can sell the artwork for you, we usually can exit our clients on average within 14 days.

Do you deliver the art to me?

Yes, we can deliver the art to you globally, we can also store it for you free of charge or showcase it in our gallery for you.

How do I pay for my purchase?

We take credit/debit card , bank transfer & PayPal transactions.

How do I sell a painting from my collection?

There are numerous diverse exit strategies that we can tailor to meet your needs. We do offer buy back paintings and can support clients to sell online or even at auction.

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