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About Us

LAX is for art collecting—an art gallery that works closely with both emerging and established artists to bring you incredible art to transform any space. At LAX, we simplify the process for both novice and seasoned collectors to engage with unique pieces, offering a straightforward way to buy, sell, or connect with art—and much more. With an exceptional eye for high-quality art, we believe in the work we sell—and if we can’t imagine it on our own walls, we won’t try to convince you to hang it on yours.
We have a team of art enthusiasts from around the world. At LAX, we celebrate the unique visions and innovative approaches of each artist, offering a wide range of distinctive artworks, such as paintings meticulously crafted by our artists, three-dimensional pieces, the expressive depth of mixed media, and stunning photographs that will gently illuminate your subconscious. Our exhibitions are always incredibly imaginative and honour the sincere hard work of our enthusiastic and creative artists.
Combined with the dedication to showcasing underrepresented and well-known artists, LAX is known as a disruptor of the art world, with the ambition to provide a unique platform for artists and cultivate an inclusive environment that is welcoming to both existing and aspiring collectors. Our ease-of-purchase options give everyone access to art. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced collector, we ensure an enjoyable and seamless buying experience.
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