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Art as an Investment



The average rate of inflation is 8.9%. As the media around the world reports on rising inflation, market volatility, and a potential recession in 2023, we examine art's historical resilience to economic uncertainty and examine data from 2022. Demonstrating why purchasing art as a high-performance asset class is no longer considered an alternative financial investment, but a critical one.

The 2008 financial crisis showed us that we must plan for the worst-case scenario, and the greatest way to do it is to invest in physical Blue-Chip art. During the first six months, the art market established new records in both the public and private sectors during the first six months of 2022, demonstrating the art industry's "natural resilience" in times of financial turbulence.

Individual artworks have broken new records, but average auction prices have also increased significantly in 2022, with the average price of a work of art sold at auction increasing by 180% from January to June. This contrasts to an average growth of 26% over the same time in 2021, which is due in part to a restricted supply of works entering the market, as well as increased competition from a rising collector base.

Now with the world recovering from the global pandemic, the art market is again enjoying in-person events, long-awaited exhibitions, and the buoyancy of art fairs such as Art Basel, and the most recent success of the KIAF & Frieze Art Fairs.

As your confidence grows based on your results and you get a better understanding of the market, you will want to reinvest your earnings and climb the investing ladder. Based on their extensive understanding of the contemporary art market and portfolio management experience, our personal advisers at LAX will accompany you through each stage of your journey and will offer increasingly complex choices every time you want to reinvest.

There are so many talented artists who are yet to be discovered and break into the blue-chip world, take our new upcoming artist Becky and Mr Phantom for example. Emerging artists often producing top-tier works for a far more affordable price than the established names, investing in young artists can be highly rewarding both financially and emotionally, allowing the collector to build a very personal connection with an artist's career.

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